School Day

The Wellington Preparatory School is a coeducational, non-sectarian private school with a mission to deliver a top academic education, while providing supportive co-curricular activities.

School Hours

Beyond any other factor, instructional time spent on each subject has the greatest impact on academic performance. The school’s hours are from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and include all of the core subjects as well as co-curricular classes. Before and aftercare are available for parents who need extra care hours.

Dress Code

Students are required to wear the school uniform. The uniform consists of a polo school shirt and either khaki or blue shorts. During colder weather months, students may also wear long sleeve school logo shirts and pants, or school jackets. Further information about the school uniform is available at the front desk.

Class Offerings

Core Academics

Wellington Prep has a very deliberate curriculum. The school has chosen to rely on university developed curriculum for its core teaching. The school uses curriculum from the University of Chicago (Math), McGruffy Press and Houghton Mifflin (Social Studies and Science) and Wonders Curriculum from McGraw Hill (reading and writing). Please see the academics page for a more in-depth discussion of the core curriculum.

Elementary school teaching immersion Spanish

Language Acquisition

Students at all ages will learn the Spanish language. The curriculum concentrates on conversational Spanish, while exposing children to reading and writing skills

Elementary School student playing violin.

Violin Mastery

Every student at Wellington Prep takes a violin class. This focus on an un-fretted instrument helps with music education and coordination. Many scientists believe it also has a strong positive impact on math and reasoning skills. For more information on the benefits of violin, please click here to see a TED video.

Elementary school student painting in art class.

Enhanced Art Curriculum

Students will participate in the Meet the Master’s art curriculum. This curriculum exposes children to the great art masters, providing information about their life and art styles. This curriculum repeats throughout elementary school, offering a more in-depth experience for older children.

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