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The Wellington Preparatory School participates in many of the scholarships available in the State of Florida. We partner with Step Up for Students to administer the scholarships. Below is some information on each scholarship. If you have questions or need assistance applying, please call our office. We have assisted many families in the process, making private school much more affordable

Income based scholarship. Available for kindergarten or for students who attended public school in the prior year. Click here for more information.

Family Empowerment Scholarship

Income Based Scholarships

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

Scholarship funding organizations provide scholarships to low income families. Click here for more information. 

Public School Experience Based Scholarship

Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship allows parents of children in public school to find a new learning environment for their child who is being bullied or a victim of violence. Please click here for more information.

Learning Assistance Scholarship

Gardiner Scholarship

Wellington Prep may accept the Gardiner Scholarship for students who are able to excel in an advanced academic environment, but may need certain additional assistance. Please click here for more information.