Safety and Security

The Wellington Preparatory School makes the safety and security of our students, faculty and families our top priority. Of course, safety and security starts with our own faculty and staff. Our staff knows all of our students, their families and friends. We are extremely vigilant, keeping a close watch on the enter school campus and getting to know everyone's name.  Our campus has a single entrance which requires all visitors to enter and exit through the same driveway. 


When you arrive at the school during school hours, you will see a security officer patrolling the campus throughout the day. We use Tactical Security Consultants, a leading school security company, to manage the exterior security throughout the school. 

All visitors must either be let in through the front door or will enter a code to gain access to the administrative office. Once inside the front office, the administration greets all visitors. The inside door to the school is always locked and on a manual entry system preventing any individuals from entering the school without approval from the front. In other words, if our staff does not know a visitor, we will not allow them to enter the school without authorization.


Also, our school uses the Raptor ID scan security system. This system is a national company that provides immediate confirmation of a person’s identity. It compares ID’s with the national sexual predator database as well as other background confirmation databases.


Inside the school, all members of our staff wear uniform shirts and are easily recognizable. All members have completed background checks, drug tests and finger printing prior to starting their employment and then annually.

Throughout the school all of our doors are locked at all times. Inside the classrooms, the school uses security intruder classroom door locks to protect the classroom doors. Our faculty and staff have gone through training for a variety of school related security and safety issues. Even the doors to the playgrounds have key-code access.


Lastly, our school works hand-in-hand with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office to be better prepared for any emergency situations. Annually we provide detailed information about our school to the Sheriff's office and are in regular communication with their officers.


If you have any questions about our security systems or procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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