One-To-One High School (9th - 12th)

The Wellington Preparatory School's high school is very different than most high schools throughout the country. Wellington Prep provides a personalized program using a one to one teaching strategy. There have been many studies revealing the significant benefits of a one-to-one teaching environment. One of the most significant was educational researcher, Benjamin Bloom. He found that students in a one-to-one teaching environment achieved mastery at a level above 98% of the traditionally taught students. Please see his research here:
Wellington Prep provides very flexible course work. Students entering the high school are able to customize their schedule, based on availability. This customization includes a flexible time of day schedule or even varied months in the year. Teachers meet individually with students, in a one to one environment, for 45 to 60 minutes to work through each class. During these class sessions, teachers provide personalized delivery of each course subject, ensuring that students are able to learn the designated material. Students are then provided time to further their studies and complete homework with teachers and other administrators who are available for additional assistance. Throughout the year, families and students communicate with the school's director to ensure that the student is meeting all of their individual goals. For additional information on the one-to-one high school program, please contact the school's principal for a personal consultation. 

College Counseling

Wellington Preparatory School provides customized college counseling for all high school students. Counseling starts in their freshman year, developing a plan to gain entry into their desired school group. Counseling includes developing a course schedule, activity schedule and SAT / ACT exam preparation.  

Specialized Programs

Equestrian Student Athlete Program

The Wellington Prep Equestrian Student Athlete Program


If you are interested in competing in Wellington for the equestrian season, but your full-time school requires you to withdraw for the time you’re away, you can enroll at the Wellington Preparatory School to continue your studies. Wellington Prep provides an accredited option for students interested in studying in South Florida for the equestrian season. Upon completion, your transcript will be submitted by to your local school and you can continue your education. Features of the program include: 

  • Wellington Prep will follow the exact curriculum of the full-time school

  • Receive accredited grades and a transcript for completed work

  • Return to the full-time school in the spring having learned the same material as your classmates

For specialized tutoring, Signature Tutoring Services, with seasonal locations in Wellington and Ocala, offers custom academic programs and tutoring for high achieving student-athletes, with a focus on equestrians. Together, Wellington Prep and Signature Tutoring offer individual, custom tutoring for seasonal equestrians. Wellington Prep also provides access to additional educational resources a student might need, including science labs and music and art studios.

International Residential Program

The Wellington Prep International Residential Program 

Wellington Prep offers an International Student program for students interested in a customized one-on-one experience. We provide year round admissions and one-teacher one-student programs for international students pursuing their education in the US. The school is able to accommodate specialized interests such as golf, tennis or skating training each day, coupled with individualized education.

  • Wellington Prep will issue your F1 visa for study in the US

  • Customized academic program to meet your individual needs

  • Homestay and boarding options available

  • Transportation to and from outside activities

  • Year round entry into the program