Middle School (6th - 8th)

The Wellington Preparatory School's middle school continues the school's mission to provide accelerated academics in preparation for high school. Students are taught in small classes on a safe and secure campus. Our faculty focus on making sure students have mastered middle school standards, and begin high school coursework. Many of our middle school students complete first and second year high school classes, putting them on pace for the most advanced coursework available in high school.  The middle school curriculum includes: 
  • Rigorous language arts course work to enhance reading comprehension and written communication
  • The math curriculum includes high school algebra in 7th grade and high school geometry in 8th grade. This prepares students to take algebra 2, pre-calculus/trigonometry, calculus AB and calculus BC in high school.
  • Our core curriculum integrates learning about music, multiculturalism and art.  All teaching and learning support our students as they develop their skills in self expression, inquiry and literacy.