Equestrian Student Athlete Program

Young female equestrian with her horse in barn after competition.


Is this you, or someone you know?

You want to compete in Wellington for the season and your full-time school says OK, but you have to withdraw for the time you’re away. So you withdraw. Then what do you do for school? What about your GPA? What will your transcript look like for colleges? How can you stay on track with the work from your full-time school and get grades and credit for your work.

For the many students who have to withdraw from their full-time schools to train and compete in Wellington during the winter, there is (finally!) an accredited option that allows each student to:

Follow the exact curriculum of the full-time school;
Receive accredited grades and a transcript for completed work; and,
Return to the full-time school in the spring having learned the same material as his/her classmates!

For specialized tutoring, Signature Tutoring Services, with seasonal locations in Wellington and Ocala, offers custom academic programs and tutoring for high achieving student-athletes, with a focus on equestrians. Together, Wellington Prep and Signature Tutoring offer individual, custom tutoring for seasonal equestrians. Wellington Prep also provides access to additional educational resources a student might need, including science labs and music and art studios.